I love taking pictures of people. My blog isn't everyone's cup o' tea. Don't send fan mail. I ignore fan mail. If you're under 18 don't follow me.

Old Urls
Kingston. NY rose me. Jamaican.Legal I'm me, you're you. Consider your boundaries set
My blog consists of the Male & Female anatomy. With occasional nudity. If that is an issue, I suggest not to follow.

Accidental Encounter Pt. 2

  I kissed her, and she didn’t push me away. Did she want this as badly as I did? I didn’t care, so I didn’t stop. Her lips were soft, and she tasted… 

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The long way home

You had a long day at work. When I arrive to pick you up, you pull me out of the car and tell me you want to take the long way home. I park in your work garage and we proceed to the subway. It’s pretty late, but the train is crowded nonetheless. The last 2 seats that were available were taken by a pregnant woman and her child, so I lean against the train door and you rest your body on mine. While your head is on my shoulders, you make small circles on my pecs. I look down into your hazel eyes. I whisper naughty things in your ear, and you giggle. The train jerks, and you hug my waist as I palm your ass cheeks squeezing them tightly, you left a soft moan then lightly bite on my nipple. The passengers surrounding us are either too busy nodding off to sleep, or have their backs towards us, so you untie my sweatpants string,

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